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6 Benefits and Advantages of PickupTracking

Save working time

PickupTracking is a cost-effective alternative to elaborate Excel solutions that greatly require constant manual effort and are highly prone to errors.

Save your valuable time to input and maintain Excel lists, and use the time gained for more important tasks.

Early detection of deviations

PickupTracking shows your occupancy, average rate and revenue, as well as changes of today and rolling for the next 365 days into the future.

In case of deviations, you gain the needed time to act proactively in order to achieve your targets.


Everything at a glance

With PickupTracking, get all the relevant hotel key figures of your booking situation and changes, all with just one click.

Easily access all decision-relevant information – within variable periods and with flexibility in the depth of information.

Up-to-date hotel figures

PickupTracking is specifically designed for revenue managers, reservations managers, reception managers and hotel directors.

Get a quick and uncomplicated overview of your current booking situation and all changes (“pickup”) on a day-to-day basis.

Automated data processing

PickupTracking breaks down barriers between different systems and imports data via interfaces automatically.

With the automated data exchange, PickupTracking improves synchronous data processing and reduces possible sources of errors.

Easy to integrate

A variety of available standard interfaces ensures the fast and complete integration of PickupTracking into existing IT systems.

If you are using a Property Management System for which an interface is not yet available, we are happy to extend our services

The PickupTracking APP

The PickupTracking APP is the mobile variation of the software allowing you access to all relevant data such as ADR, Revenue and RevPar – no matter where you are and what time it is.

It is an additional information tool for all revenue managers, reservation managers, reception managers and hotel directors.

With the PickupTracking APP, your management has the freedom to access relevant hotel figures ad hoc, whenever information is needed. It also increases transparency for all decision-makers and reduces the risk of misjudgment.

The PickupTracking APP is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Monitoring and Analysis of Hotel Key Performance Indicators

PickupTracking allows you to obtain all hotel key performance indicators (KPIs) on a daily basis, by day and by market segment. It is also possible to display other information such as rooms out of order and overbooking or to select the status of reservations (confirmed, attempted or both).

In addition, you can analyze variances with budget, forecasts and N-1. The flexible selection of dates allows the pickup to be compared over different periods: date of choice, for  several days or even a month.

PickupTracking also contains a progress or pace analysis to visualize the development of reservations for a given date (s) by comparing it with N-1. From one year to the next, the user can see whether or not trends are confirmed.

Finally, PickupTracking can be used for a single hotel or a group of hotels. An automated report scheduler is available where numerous reports could be sent out directly by email, in Excel or PDF format.


KPI Overview by Group Level or by Single Property

KPI overview by group level, cluster or single property

Upon login, PickupTracking welcomes users with an all-in-one view of the current performance of their hotel business.
The option to view as a group, by cluster or by individual property is available at a push of a button. With this at a glance awareness, relevant KPIs and other key data points are presented in graphs and figures could be easily tracked.

Through this data visualization, complex data sets are simplified for better analysis that will lead to making smarter decisions. 

Detailed Pickup Analysis by Market Segment with Hotel Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Find out with little effort how occupancy, room rate, revenue and RevPar pickup in comparison to the previous year, and whether the figures correspond to your forecast and budget.

See clear tables – how many reservations and bookings have been made, how much revenue and RevPar have been achieved. Determine the depth of detail yourself, and analyze your data either by segment or as divided in definitive (deducted) and tentative (non-deducted) bookings.

On the books and pickup development with graphics – daily for 365 days

Detailed on the books and pickup per market segment – daily for 365 days

Validation of Budget and Forecast per Market Segment

Go into the ”Detail View” of PickupTracking to find out how special sales measures succeed. All booking conditions and development of the pickup can be directly compared to the previous year’s figures, your budget or your forecast for different periods (day, month, year).

Variance on the books vs. Budget or Forecast

Pace Analysis – KPIs in figures, with adjustable views, periods and segments

Year-on-Year comparison 

Pace Analysis – graphical representation of KPI figures

Detailed “On the Books” Analysis

Same day last year comparison – per date or weekday

The direct comparison of your “On-the-Books” data, separated by segments combined with the actual bookings, as well as cancellations by room night, shows trends and developments and helps you determine the causes of plan deviations.

The daily pickup for each market segment and 365 days in advance provides you with the necessary information to be able to intervene at an early stage.

Free Online Presentation of PickupTracking

Take a look at the features and benefits of our PickupTracking with
a free 30-minute online presentation.


The Fairmas software solutions are in use in many well-known hotels worldwide since 2003. From a small individual hotel to a large international hotel chain, Fairmas offers a suitable and tailor-made solution for every need. Here is a selection of our satisfied Pickup Tracking customers:

Multiple Property Installation

Single Property Installation

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Best application in its market at this moment with great functionalities allowing the user to efficiently and reliably assess the data available at a click only.

Time saving and very cost-effective application through which the user is able to review the daily business trading level at a glance, on a very granulated level based on the hotel segmentation.

The data is available for review covering a 365-day window evaluating the on the books and pace data vs rolling forecast and the reported budget which makes the application a true ‘’ business health insider’’.

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Director of Revenue & Business Strategy , BÜRGENSTOCK HOTELS AG

I am very satisfied with PickupTracking and the results coming from acting upon seeing the reports on a regular basis.

Marko Keserović

Rukovodilac prodaje/ Sales Manager, MK Hotels & Resorts

Der Pick Up Tracker ist ein einfach zu bedienendes dennoch detailliertes Tool, das wir täglich nutzen, um optimal planen zu können.

Logo-Button zum Direktzugriff auf die GCH Hotel Group Webseite

Tim Hainsworth

Director of Revenue & Business Strategy , GCH Hotels GmbH

[…] ich wollte Ihnen und Ihrem Team auf diesem Weg nur kurz ein Dankeschön für die einfache und wie immer sehr umgängliche Zusammenarbeit bezüglich er Einrichtung des Reports zukommen lassen. Als Privathotel arbeiten wir ja „leider“ mit vielen externen Dienstleistern zusammen und viele davon verdienen weder die Bezeichnung noch die Aufwendungen für die geforderte Leistung.

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Ihnen und Ihrem Team vor, während und auch nach der Installation ist immer sehr angenehm und Wartezeiten gibt es keine!

Der Report läuft wie gewohnt sehr effizient und hilft mir sehr im täglichen Geschäft! Bitte weiter so!

Sebastian Schirra

Director of Revenue Management, Excelsior Hotel Ernst

Integration Partners

PickupTracking interfaces with major Property Management Systems (PMS) thus data quality is always guaranteed. Joint customers with select rate shopper systems can also view their rate shopping information within PickupTracking, upon request.

Here are some of our PMS and rate shopper partners:




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